Private Cremation – At Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory we provide individual, private cremations for your beloved pets.  Private Cremations give you the opportunity to do something special for your companion that will be with you for years to come. This is a great way to memorialize and cherish all the wonderful memories you have shared with your pet throughout his or her lifetime.  Rest assure that all of our cremations are done individually. In fact each pet is given an individual ID tag that stays with your pet throughout the entire process guaranteeing only your pets remains returned to you. All of our private cremations are returned to you in our beautiful sympathy package complete with our standard urn. Private cremation fees vary by pet size, please contact us for specific pricing.

Clay Paw Prints – At Rainbow Bridge we can provide you with a wonderful clay paw print keepsake to remember your pet forever. We make an impression of one of your pets front paws in the clay, add his or her first name to it and bake the clay to provide you with an everlasting memory. Add this to any service for just $20.

Custom Urns/Memorials – We offer a full line of custom pet loss products including urns, keepsake jewelry, garden stones and other memorials. Please click on our online shop to view a variety of our different options that are available. You may call us at anytime to place an order, we prefer phone orders to ensure all sizing, engraving, and customization is correct.

Reasons people choose cremation:

  • It’ a priceless way to honor and remember your pet.
  • If you plan on moving your home this allows you to take the pet with you when you go.
  • Many condos/rentals, cities, and municipalities have ordinances against pet burial.
  • Weather conditions don’t allow for burial (frozen ground).